With Love From Cameroon

Mireielle’s mother fastened the long, bold, and distinctly African train around her daughter’s waist. Friends gathered around to tuck stray hairs back into place and smooth the wrinkles in her dress. In a matter of minutes, Steve & Mireielle would unite their families as they began their journey as man and wife.

The Belinga’s wedding was by no means your “typical” wedding. Steve and Mireielle beautifully celebrated their Cameroon culture with all the vibrant colors of their homeland. The JOY of this family is unmistakable. After each vow, the crowd erupted into celebratory shouting and clapping. Even Mireielle’s precious little daughter ran up to give her mom a big hug as rings were exchanged. After all the waiting, they are finally man and wife!

Manit and I know better than anyone what it’s like to have an ocean separating you and the one you love. We can only imagine how happy and relieved the Belingas are to be together, standing on the same soil. It’s truly is a beautiful thing!

With Love From Cameroon

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